Southern African Data Center for Oceanography, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa

Data Center Description
The Southern African Data Centre for Oceanography (SADCO) stores, retrieves and
manipulates multi-disciplinary marine information from the areas around
southern Africa.

SADCO has been in existence since the 1960's, and in its present configuration
since 1990. It is operated by the South African CSIR Stellenbosch on behalf of
a number of marine organisations in South Africa and Namibia, namely

* Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, represented by the
Marine and Coastal Management, Cape Town.
* CSIR, represented by Environmentek, Stellenbosch.
* South African Navy, represented by the Institute for Maritime Technology,
* South African universities, represented by the National Research
Foundation (NRF), Pretoria.
* Namibian Ministry for Fisheries and Marine Resources, represented by the
National Marine Information and Research Centre, Swakopmund.

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