Science Branch, Maritimes Region, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

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The Maritimes Region is one of the largest and most diverse of the six
Department of Fisheries and Oceans administrative regions across Canada. Its
programs provide the full range of services within the department's mandate.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) manages and ensures safe, healthy,
productive waters and aquatic resources for the benefit of present and future
generations. It strives to advance this vision by maintaining the highest
global standards of marine safety, environmental protection, scientific
excellence, conservation, and sustainable resource use.

The Maritimes Region's science staff conduct research vital to protecting
Canada's oceans and fresh water bodies from polluting effects and enhancing the
ability to understand, conserve and manage these resources. Some research
activities are conducted as far north as the Canadian Arctic. Specifically, the
staff performs research on the changing oceans and influences on marine life,
the regional aquaculture industry, and the status of commercial species, which
remains a staple of our operations. Oceanographers perform research to
understand and predict changes in the environment of the ocean and ocean
processes. In addition, they chart, survey, measure, and describe Canada's
waters and tides to facilitate commercial navigation and fishing activities, as
well as map the ocean floor.

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