Florida Center for Community Design and Research, University of South Florida

Data Center Description
The USF/FC (University of South Florida, Florida Center) is a
non-profit public service institute of the School of
Architecture and Community Design and was founded in 1986 at the
state's largest urban university, the University of South
Florida, in Tampa. Our diverse staff includes architecture
faculty and students, research scientists, and programmer
analysts. In addition, we have affiliated faculty or graduate
students from the Department of Anthropology, Biology, Fine Art,
Geography, and Social Work. We provide our clients with access
to academic expertise, cutting edge technology, and highly
qualified graduate student internships. Using interdisciplinary
teams, our staff works with clients to ensure high quality work,
transfer of technology and expertise, and enhanced graduate

Available Services

3-D Architectural Modeling:

To assist communities in envisioning future growth and development,
the Florida Center provides 3D visualization and modeling services.

These models are powerful planning tools for local governments and can
be integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for
modeling and analysis.

-Digital models of buildings and communities
-Fly-through animation
-Traditional architectural models

GIS Mapping and Analysis:

Accurate and precise Geographic Information Systems are critical
for local governments, citizens, and professionals. The Florida
Center provides a comprehensive suite of GIS support for local
communities. The Center is establishing a Regional Data Center
for Southwest Florida that will provide high quality data via
the Internet and CD-ROM.

-GPS data collection / conversion / digitizing

-GIS data documentation and metadata development to FGDC standards

-Internet / Intranet GIS applications

-Community asset mapping and analysis

-Environmental data analysis and modeling

Data and Technology Services:

Data services are designed to support interdisciplinary research and
assist local governments in providing citizen access to key
socioeconomic and environmental indicators. It is our belief
that the creation of sustainable communities requires citizen
access to high quality information and sound science.

-Web design

-Database design and data warehousing

-Community sustainability indicators

Community Design:

Community-based planning and design services are coordinated
with our host college the School of Architecture and Community
Design. These projects work in conjunction with graduate design
studios and affiliated faculty. Our focus is on a citizen driven
process and interdisciplinary design of sustainable communities.

-Design charettes
-Masterplan design
-Conceptual design

For more information, link to
University of South Florida, Florida Center athttp://www.fccdr.usf.edu/