Bat Conservation International

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Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, is devoted to
conservation, education, and research initiatives involving bats and the
ecosystems they serve. It was founded in 1982, as scientists around the world
became concerned that bats essential to the balance of nature and human
economies were in alarming decline. Under the founding guidance of Dr. Merlin
Tuttle, an internationally recognized authority on bats, the organization has
achieved unprecedented progress by emphasizing sustainable uses of natural
resources that benefit both bats and people.

BCI's conservation efforts have resulted in permanent protection for a majority
of North America's most important remaining bat caves, saved millions of bats
from being accidentally buried during mine safety closures, and led to the
establishment of the first national park in U.S. history to protect a tropical
rain forest. BCI has sponsored research documenting the key roles of bats in
major ecosystems, supported training for graduate students in 33 countries, and
trained hundreds of wildlife managers from more than 12 countries in bat
management and conflict avoidance techniques.


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