Antarctic Geologic Database, Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University

Data Center Description
[from Antarctic Geologic Database (AGD)homepage:]

The Antarctic Geologic Database is on-line database that allows the
loading, storage, search and retrieval of diverse information on
Antarctic rock samples. It includes all samples housed in the United
States Polar Rock Repository (at Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio
State University, Columbus, Ohio), and can also store information on
collections located elsewhere in the United States. A user can search
for rock samples by geographic area, geologic age, rock type,
formation or unit, fossil or mineral content, collection purpose, and
by whom and when the collection was made. It can inform the user what
analyses have been carried out, where those results are published, and
also of other possible unpublished results and their location and
availablity. It can provide a great variety of descriptive
information, including anecdotal field observations, and in the future
will also include visual images such as petrographic thin
sections. The AGD records where the rocks are currently stored, and
the name and contact details of the collector, curator or contact