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Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS), College of Science, George Mason University, is located off-campus near the Goddard Space Flight Center at 6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 620, Greenbelt, Maryland. Funded by federal agencies and international organizations, CSISS conducts research in the areas of geospatial interoperability and standards, Web services and geospatial semantic Web, sensor Web, and distributed geospatial information and knowledge systems. The center owns 3,100 square feet space including offices, one conference/class room, and computer rooms. CSISS is a member of InterNational Committee on Information Technology Standards Technical Committee L1 (INCITS/L1), and a member of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards (LAITS) is one of the operational units of CSISS.

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