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Data Center Description
The Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS,
http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/), National Library of Medicine (NLM),
creates information resources and services in toxicology,
environmental health, chemistry, and HIV/AIDS. One component of
SIS, the Office of Outreach and Special Populations, assists
special populations in obtaining health information via
training, technology, and partnerships.

SIS's Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program
(TEHIP, http://tox.nlm.nih.gov) produces TOXNET, a collection
of toxicology and environmental health databases that includes
the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB?), a database of
potentially hazardous chemicals, TOXLINE? (containing references
to the world's toxicology literature), and ChemIDplus? (a
chemical dictionary and structure database). Haz-Map
(http://hazmap.nlm.nih.gov) links jobs and hazardous tasks
with occupational diseases and their symptoms. SIS also produces
DIRLINE? (http://dirline.nlm.nih.gov/), a directory of
organizations and other resources in health and biomedicine.

Some SIS products help to address the toxicology and
environmental health information needs of the general
public. One such resource is Tox Town
(http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/), an interactive guide to toxic
chemicals and environmental health issues in everyday
locations. It is a companion to the extensive information in the
TOXNET collection of databases. Tox Town also offers some
resources in Spanish (http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/espanol/).

SIS coordinates many of NLM's HIV/AIDS
(http://aids.nlm.nih.gov) information activities and its web
site provides access to a comprehensive list of resources within
and outside of NLM. It collaborates with other agencies to
produce AIDSinfo (http://aidsinfo.nih.gov/), the primary
Department of Health and Human Services web site for federally
approved treatment guidelines, clinical trials, drug, and
vaccine information.

The Office of Outreach and Special Populations manages several
programs including the Environmental Health Information Outreach
Program with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, a
project to improve access to health-related disaster information
in Central America, projects to improve access to HIV/AIDS
information resources by community-based organizations, and
targeted web sites like Asian American Health
(http://asianamericanhealth.nlm.nih.gov/) and Arctic Health

For additional information, contact: Specialized Information
Services, National Library of Medicine, Phone: 301- 496-1131
(local and international), Toll Free: 1-888-FINDNLM E-mail:

Website: http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/

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