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Welcome to the new website for EPA's Global Change Research Program!

This website is designed to provide a portal through which scientists, resource managers, and the public can access information about our program and our partners. Our goal is to make our program completely transparent to the public, and to make products and data produced by the program readily accessible, including products from EPA researchers in our laboratories and centers, as well as from our grantees and collaborators.

Through this website, the public can access:

* Data
* Documents
* Project descriptions and updates
* Workshop announcements and proceedings
* Presentations
* Analytic tools

This website will evolve and grow over time. The focus will continue to be on data analysis and application. The website uses the Environmental Information Management System (EIMS), which allows scientists working inside and outside the agency to directly enter metadata descriptions of their own data sets and research findings. Our long-term goal is to provide interactive tools and models at this website to support the decision and analytic needs of planners, resource managers, and other data users.

The initial design of this website benefitted greatly from the advice provided by many individuals. Special thanks go to the participants in a design workshop held in February 2000: Ken Colburn, Gary Collins, Ann Fisher, Joan Novak, Jonathan Patz, Bernice Smith, and Richard Zepp.

We welcome your comments on the website and hope that it will become a valuable resource to the global change research community.

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