Multi-Hazard Mapping Initiative, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security

Data Center Description
The vision of FEMA's Mutihazard Mapping Initiative is to
maintain a living atlas of hazards data and map services for
advisory purposes supplied from a network of hazard and base map

The initiative is an implementation of Section 203(k) of the
Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, which calls for the creation of
Multihazard Advisory Maps, or maps "on which hazard data
concerning each type of natural disaster is identified
simultaneously for the purpose of showing areas of hazard

The goals of the initiative are to

-Foster the exchange and collection of geospatial hazards data
-Increase hazard awareness by providing a multihazard mapping
capability on the Internet for advisory purposes
-Encourage data providers to establish standards based services
that facilitate access and distribution of their data for the
creating of these maps.
-The initiative is compatible with and shares the goals of

FEMA's E-Government Initiative

-Department of Interior's E-Government Initiative: Geospatial One-Stop
The USGS National Map
-Specific objectives of the initiative with respect to data
interoperability include

-Implementing relevant interoperability specifications of the Open
GIS Consortium and other organizations
-Making the FEMA holdings of the Multihazard Map server available
as a Web Map Service
-Multihazard Map server utilization of specific external Web Map
services for relevant available base and hazards data
-Reviewing and testing relevant specifications to further the goals
of the Multihazard Mapping Initiative and Geospatial One-Stop


[Summary provided by FEMA]