National Aeronautical Charting Office, Federal Aviation Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation

Data Center Description
The National Flight Procedures Office (NFPO) is responsible for
the global development and maintenance of both terminal and
enroute instrument flight procedures. The NFPO provides lifespan
maintenance of the instrument flight procedures in the National
Airspace System (NAS). There are numerous types of instrument
flight procedures. One example is a standard instrument approach
procedure (SIAP) which is constructed to allow pilots to safely
use airport runways in adverse weather. The current NAS is made
up of instrument procedures based on both conventional and
satellite based navigational aids. The satellite-based
procedures make up approximately 20% of the NAS, but we are
continuously increasing this percentage to stay in line with the
new technological advancements within the aviation industry.


[Summary provided by NFPO]