Salton Sea Authority, California

Data Center Description
The Salton Sea Authority is a joint powers agency chartered by
the State of California by a Joint Powers Agreement on June 2,
1993 for the purpose of ensuring the beneficial uses of the
Salton Sea.

The Authority is comprised of the following cooperating
agencies: The Coachella Valley Water District, The Imperial
Irrigation District, Riverside County, and Imperial County. A
number of federal, state, and tribal agencies are ex-officio
members of the Authority.

The Authority was formed to work with California state agencies,
federal agencies, and the Republic of Mexico to develop programs
that would continue beneficial use of the Salton Sea. In the
agreement, "beneficial use" includes the primary purpose of the
Sea as a depository for agricultural drainage, storm water and
wastewater flows; for protection of endangered species,
fisheries and waterfowl; and for recreational purposes.

A Technical Advisory Committee, composed of an individual from
each of the four member agencies, provides technical and
administrative advice and support to both the Board of Directors
and the Authority staff.

The Salton Sea Authority has made a concerted effort to collect
all known suggestions for remediation of the Salton Sea and has
subjected these proposals to formal review against specified
criteria. The Authority also is taking concrete steps in
preparing for the detailed planning of a remediation project.


[Summary provided by the Salton Sea Authority]