Pasture Systems & Watershed Management Research Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture

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The ARS Water Database is a collection of precipitation and streamflow data from small agricultural watersheds in the United States. This national archive of variable time-series readings for precipitation and runoff contains sufficient detail to reconstruct storm hydrographs and hyetographs. There are currently about 16,600 station years of data stored in the data base. Watersheds used as study areas range from .2 hectare (0.5 acres) to 12,400 square kilometers (4,786 square miles).

Raingauge networks range from one station per watershed to over 200 stations. The period of record for individual watersheds vary from 1 to 50 years. Some watersheds have been in continuous operation since the mid 1930's. Various types of ancillary data are also maintained with the precipitation and streamflow. These include air temperature, land management practices, topography and soils information. Click on highlighted states on the map below to view available information concerning the individual research areas in that state.

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