Department of Natural Resources, Iowa

Data Center Description
The Iowa Department of Agricultural Engineering, now the
Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, has been
a leader in providing engineering solutions to agricultural
problems in the United States and the world. The department's
original mission was to mechanize agriculture. That mission has
evolved to encompass a global view of the entire food production
system--the wise management of natural resources in the
production, processing, storage, handling, and use of food fiber
and other biological products.

Current research efforts include agricultural water quality and
management, engineering for economically and environmentally
sound animal production systems, grain handling and food
processing, agricultural machine design and automated controls,
precision farming systems, agricultural safety, seed
conditioning and processing, and soil tillage and management

Research is being directed increasingly toward biosystems
engineering through the use of biosensors, image analysis,
biological systems modeling, and the design and control of
biological systems and processes.


[Summary provided by Iowa State University]