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Data Center Description
Responsibilities of the DKRZ:
The German Climate Computing Centre (Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum,
DKRZ) provides the computer power for quantitative computation of
complex climate processes with sophisticated, realistic models. The
diversity of the interacting subsystems constituting the system Earth
precludes the application of a single all-encompassing model for such
investigations. A hierarchy of models adapted to different questions
and applications is needed. Moreover, since the wide variety of
problems cannot be mastered by any single group of scientists,
coordinated research programmes are needed involving the collaboration
between many working groups from different research centres. The DKRZ
functions as a coordinating node in the national and European network
for climate researchers.
In the first seven years of its existance, the DKRZ contributed
significantly to the successful development of the climate research
programme initiated by the German Ministry of Research and Technology
(Bundesministerium fuer Forschung und Technologie, BMFT). Today, the
computing centre has become an indispensable tool of German climate
In recent years, the original focus on climate research has been broadened. The
impact of climate change on the ecosystem and the interactions between the
climate system, the biosphere and human activity are now also being studied
within the general framework of the international "Global Change" programme.
International Perspectives:
In the past years, a broad-scoped European climate research programme
has been developed, and the DKRZ serves today as a computing centre
for a large number of European research activities. Since the
beginning of 1994, the DKRZ has accepted the task of coordinating the
European Climate Computing Network (ECCN), a linkage, within the
framework of the European Union's Human Capital and Mobility (HCM)
Programme, of the DKRZ with three other climate computing centeres of
comparable capacity, the Hadley Climate Research Centre in Bracknel,
England and the climate centres Meteo France, Toulouse, and Centre
Laplace, Paris.
Part of the combined computing capacity of the four ECCN partners is
made available for all European climate researchers. Through the ECCN,
Europe is able to provide an effective computing capacity for climate
research equivalent to that of similar established U.S. centres - the
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado,
and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) in Princeton.
Organisation and Funding:
The DKRZ is a limited company with, at present, four shareholders: the
Max Planck Society in Munich, the State of Hamburg (represented by the
University), the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine
Research in Bremerhaven and the GKSS-Research Centre in
Geesthacht. The Federal Ministry for Research and Technology provides
for the investments and 39 % of the operating costs, the shareholders
providing for the remaining 61 %.
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