Agricultural Research Station, BASF Aktiengeselschaft

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BASF is one of the world leaders in the chemical industry.

Through growth and innovation BASF strives towards attaining
appreciation of its corporate value on a sustained basis.

-Its product line comprises high-value-added chemicals,
plastics, colorants and pigments, dispersions, automotive and
industrial coatings, crop-protection agents, fine chemicals, oil
and gas.

-Its sales reached 32.5 billion euros in 2001.

-In 2001, BASF had about 93,000 employees worldwide.

-BASF operates production facilities in 38 countries and
maintains contact with customers in more than 170 nations.

-The BASF Group encompasses BASF Aktiengesellschaft with its
parent plant in Ludwigshafen as well as 164 wholly-owned
subsidiaries and six joint ventures that are at least 50 percent
owned by BASF. The financial statements also include 28
affiliated and associated companies whose equity capital is
consolidated on a proportional basis in the BASF Group's
Consolidated Financial Statements.


[Summary provided by BASF]