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With 70 publishing companies in 16 countries in Europe, Asia and
the USA Springer Science+Business Media is now one of the
world?s leading publishers for specialist knowledge and
information. Our publishing competence and our long tradition
provide the ideal conditions for high-quality content. For us,
the works of more than 150 Nobel prizewinners that we have
published over the years are both an obligation and motivation
for our future work. Our textbooks, reference works, databases
and online services are used by both academics, students and
practitioners. Our authors support them in their everyday
work. We provide the business-to-business market with
specialised job- and sector-specific information.

At a time when there is an almost unlimited supply of content,
we act as scouts to guide you through the jungle of
information. Our experience and our strong publishing brands
guarantee the highest quality and add distinction to our

Website: http://www.springer-sbm.de/index_en.php

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