Facultad de Ciencias Astronomicas y Geofisicas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

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Dardo Rocha, governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, had been considered necessary that the province will have a proper mapping, whose realization would benefit from the installation of an Astronomical Observatory.

In December 1882, the passage of the planet Venus in front of the Sun-made astronomical attraction of global-generated keen interest among scholars of astronomy who collaborated with their French peers to determine the best place to comment on these lands.
Despite that observation could not be performed by bad weather, instruments in the province had commissioned for that purpose, provided the initial support to the Observatory of La Plata.

Gonzalez promoted the nationalization of the University of La Plata, he does believe in giving it, above all, a scientific and experimental, as it thought the era of positivist and this was the mainstay Astronomical Observatory, pride of the young city.

The need for training in 1935 astronomers led to the creation of the first School of Astronomical Sciences and Related, the first in Latin America, then covering Meteorology, the Earthquake and Geomagnetism. In 1948, the Geophysics charged entity itself and creates such a career in the field of the Observatory. In 1982 the Center and the School of Astronomy and Geophysics blend into the academic unit designated with the name that now has this faculty.

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