Earth Satellite Corporation

Data Center Description
Earth Satellite Corporation (EarthSat) is an international
professional services firm which specializes in the development
and application of remote sensing and geographic information
technologies (GIS). EarthSat projects focus on the exploration,
sustainable development and management of the Earth's resources
and the monitoring of the environment. EarthSat is a world
leader in the utilization of remote sensing data from aircraft
and satellites and is the largest commercial provider of
enhanced satellite imagery. Remote sensing and spatial data base
technologies are tools used by natural resource scientists to
better understand, use and manage the Earth's resources. There
is a single compelling reason to employ remote sensing and GIS
technologies: they are extraordinarily cost-effective
tools. EarthSat, which was founded in 1969, has been preeminent
in the development and use of these powerful and advanced

Our success is due in part to a corporate commitment to
employing scientists who are first and foremost experts in the
natural phenomena of their chosen disciplines. One cannot be a
high tech geologist at EarthSat until first being a very good
geologist. The instruments do not make the musician. When you
hire EarthSat, you are hiring people who understand natural
phenomena and processes, and who are also skilled in the use of
a variety of space age technologies.

For 30 years, EarthSat has conducted resource programs around
the world for private and public clients. EarthSat's technical
staff, which includes foresters, agronomists, ecologists,
wildlife biologists, geologists, geographers, meteorologists,
computer scientists, physicists and photographic specialists,
have made substantial contributions to the advancement of image
processing, information technology and GIS. EarthSat has
performed over 350 studies in the fields of forestry, land use,
environmental analysis, change detection, GIS, military
applications, mineral exploration and agriculture. EarthSat
provides weather and agricultural information to more than
200,000 customers every day.


[Summary provided by Earth Satellite Corporation]