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BERR - the Department for Business - is here to help ensure business success in an increasingly competitive world. Our role is to boost productivity and keep the UK competitive and an attractive place to do business, especially in challenging economic times, as well as to help companies succeed overseas and to bring foreign investment to the UK.

We focus on raising and sustaining the UK’s economic performance, nationally and in the regions, to create the jobs, wealth and ideas which support a healthy economy and social wellbeing.

We work on this directly, or through those who have an interdependent interest in a successful business environment. These include consumers, employees, investors, small & medium-sized enterprises, large corporates and representative bodies.

We’re also the ‘voice for business in Government’. We listen carefully to what these different groups have to say and weigh up the evidence behind their various views.

We then represent the arguments for business success effectively around the rest of Whitehall and Brussels. We work with other government departments and at Cabinet to influence Government and European policy in a way which puts the UK’s economic interests first. The Department works in four principal areas:

1. We promote the creation and growth of business and an economy which supports enterprise, wealth creation and innovation:
2. We work hard to achieve regulation which is simple and proportionate to the outcome it’s trying to achieve.
3. We safeguard employee and consumer interests and work for a single European market, supporting trade and encouraging overseas investment
4. We make sure the Government acts as an ‘intelligent shareholder’ – looking after the public’s interest in companies where the Government has a stake.

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