Minerals and Mining Statistics Division, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources Canada

Data Center Description
The Minerals and Mining Statistics Division (MMSD) is part of the Minerals and Metals Sector (MMS) of Natural Resources Canada. MMSD is responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of comprehensive statistics on the Canadian minerals industry describing ore reserves, exploration, and mineral production and use, and for the conduct, in collaboration with Statistics Canada and the provincial and territorial governments, of various surveys of mine complex development and production.

The mandate of MMSD can be summarized as follows:

To plan, conduct and coordinate a range of national surveys (in collaboration with its partners) to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate high-quality mineral and mining industry information (including production, use and exploration);

To undertake various other roles including:
-perform economic and statistical analysis;
-disseminate the information collected to clients via reports, publications, etc.; and
-provide users with access to and use of information through efficient automated systems.

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Data Center URL
URL: http://mmsd1.mms.nrcan.gc.ca/mmsd/about_e.asp