Observatori de l'Ebre, Universitat Ramon Llull

Data Center Description
The Ebro Observatory is a research institute founded in 1904 by the Society of Jesus in order to study the Sun-Earth relations. It is a nonprofit foundation that has been associated or coordinated with the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) since the beginning of this organization and has maintained a close collaboration with the National Meteorological Institute (INM) since 1920 and later with other institutions such as the National Institute of Aerospace Technique ol'Institut Cartographic de Catalunya. Also belongs to Ramon Llull University (URL) as a University Institute.

The Board ruled that the Foundation currently consists of eleven agencies: National Geographic Institute, the Departments of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise and Regional Planning and Public Works of the Generalitat, the Catalan Meteorological Service, the Tarragona Province, Local Councils and Roquetas de Tortosa, and these CSIC, INM, URL, and Jesuits.

At present, the Centre is divided into four sections: Geomagnetism, Ionosphere, Seismology and Meteorology, Weather and Solar Activity.

The continuity and fidelity of the observations over a hundred years ago that your log files have now invaluable. As an example we note that the files are the ionospheric and seismic longest in Spain, and the weather extends until 1880.

Parallel to obtain these data, a group of researchers working constantly manage this information, and demanding that the observed phenomena are best suited for scientific studies and for the growing needs of society.

[Translated Summary Provided by: Observatori de l’Ebre]

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.obsebre.es/index.php