Northwest Research Associates, Inc.

Data Center Description
NorthWest Research Associates, Inc. (NWRA) is a
contract-research firm conducting in-depth investigations in the
physical sciences and providing consulting services to
government and industry. Our expertise includes, but is not
limited to, geophysical fluid dynamics, ice mechanics, and space
science and solar physics. We also develop and produce
instruments for the geosciences.

The research and technical services engaged in by NWRA encounter
no policy constraints save that they must advance the state of
human knowledge and/or contribute constructively to the
technological base of the nation. Beyond these fundamental
precepts, NWRA's activities are prescribed only by the needs of
its clients and the pooled ingenuity of its staff. We intend
that pool to be filled with a variety of mutually reinforcing
talent, training, and experience.


[Summary provided by NorthWest Research Associates, Inc.]