Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

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The Ireland EPA has been given a wide range of functions to
protect our environment. One of the principle reasons for
establishing the EPA was to License and Control large-scale
activities having the potential to cause significant
environmental pollution.

A major job we have to do is to determine the quality of our
environment including air, water and soil. Water quality in
rivers, lakes, coastal and estuarine areas and ground waters
must be monitored. Air quality is an important issue
particularly in urban areas. Noise is a growing problem.

The EPA must prepare national Environmental Monitoring programs
for air, surface waters and ground waters, estuarine and coastal
waters. These programs outline what monitoring needs to be done
and who should do it.

It is the job of the Agency to bring all monitoring results
together and to report on the quality of the environment
including trends and problems. This is done by periodic reports
on specific aspects, e.g. river, air or water quality, or by a
major report such as the overall State of the Environment, which
will be published every few years.

The EPA has modern laboratories in each of its five
regions. These are used to monitor licensed activities to ensure
they are complying with license conditions as well as checking
on general environmental quality.

In addition to monitoring the quality of water we carry out a
National Hydrometric Program for the collection of information
on the levels, volumes and flows of water in rivers, lakes and
ground waters in the State.

Website: http://www.epa.ie/

[Summary provided by The Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland.]