Air Resources Laboratory, OAR, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce

Data Center Description
The Air Resources Laboratory (ARL), conducts research on
processes that relate to air quality and climate, concentrating
on the transport, dispersion, transformation, and removal of
trace gases and aerosols, their climatic and ecological
influences, and exchange between the atmosphere and biological
and non-biological surfaces. The time frame of interest ranges
from minutes and hours to that of the global climate. Research
in all of these areas involves physical and numerical studies,
leading to the development of air quality simulation models. ARL
provides scientific and technical advice to elements of NOAA and
other Government agencies on atmospheric science, environmental
problems, emergency assistance, and climate change. ARL has
research units in the following locations:

Headquarters Division - Silver Spring, MD
Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division - Oak Ridge, TN
Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division - Research Triangle Park, NC
Field Research Division - Idaho Falls, ID
Special Operations and Research Division - Las Vegas, NV
Surface Radiation Research Branch - Boulder, CO


[Summary provided by NOAA]