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Data Center Description
In medical science, there are many technologies for looking
inside the human body. Most of us have visited the doctor for
X-rays to diagnose a sprained ankle or broken arm. An expectant
mother has the opportunity to see her unborn child at several
stages of development through the use of ultrasonic
imaging. These remote sensing methods provide doctors with a
means for looking inside the human body in a noninvasive manner.

Similarly, NOAA's Environmental Technology Laboratory (ETL) has
developed remote sensing instrumentation that now allows its
meteorologists and oceanographers to peer inside the earth's
atmosphere to diagnose its behavior and study its interaction
with land, water, and ice surfaces. ETL's engineering and
scientific expertise help NOAA as it seeks to better monitor,
observe, understand and describe the atmosphere so as to provide
improved forecasts of its future state.

Website: http://www.etl.noaa.gov/

[Summary provided by NOAA]