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Plant Stress Monitors measure measures plant health by determining
the chlorophyll content of leaves. NASA also is seeking qualified
U.S. companies to help further develop through exclusive or non-
exclusive licenses a second device. That device, available for
development between NASA and a commercial partner, is a portable
video imager that determines plant health by measuring the
reflected light of leaves to determine their chlorophyll content.
The device gives the user an easy-to-read indication of the
condition of plants being observed.

Researchers at Stennis have constructed a prototype of each
device and filed patent applications. The benefits of the new
devices are their portability, easy use, low cost, adaptability
and accuracy. The devices may be applied to such areas as
agriculture, precision farming, horticulture, plant research,
forestry, paper manufacturing, lawn care and other public and
government activities.

[Source: NASA]