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A high-pressure ionization gauge is described with a novel
electrode system of rugged construction. The electrodes consist
of two parallel electron collector plates and two parallel ion
collector plates mounted at right angles to each other with a
filament running axially down the centre. The filament consists
of a platinum-10% rhodium wire with an yttrium oxide coating
allowing the gauge to operate in reactive gases such as
atmospheric air up to a pressure of 5 torr. The evaluation of
the gauge characteristics has enabled the optimum operating
conditions to be achieved. The gauge sensitivity is equal to
0.11 torr-1 for air and constant within the pressure range 1
torr to 50 torr providing the electron accelerating potential is
not greater than 42 V. The gauge can be usefully employed in the
pressure range required for applications such as cathodic
sputtering, vacuum melting, gas discharge studies, and as a
secondary calibration standard.

[Summary provided by the Journal of Scientific Instruments]