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A neutron probe is not measuring water content directly. It is
measuring hydrogen atoms and these can be from any source,
including bound water and hydrocarbons. The use of a neutron
probe in environmental, or environmental remediation
applications usually requires frequent site recalibration due to
changes in the hydrogen provided by sources other than water. In
addition, a neutron probe is not accurate within the top 15
cm. of the soil surface due to neutron loss from the region of
influence into the atmosphere.

The user of a neutron probe usually requires special training,
and a government license for transport, ownership and use of a
radioactive source. The soil core from the probe borehole must
be gravimetrically analyzed to establish a calibration reference
curve to insure probe accuracy, and the site calibration curve
is specific to a particular probe. Additionally, neutron probes
"age" with use as the activity level of the source
degrades. This "aging" of the probe requires periodic site
recalibration to maintain accuracy.

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