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Instrument: PES (SSJ/3) : Precipitating Electron Spectrometer
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DMSP 5D-1/F3
DMSP 5D-1/F2
DMSP 5D-1/F4

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[Source: National Space Science Data Center, ]

The spectrometer consisted of two different-sized cylindrical electrostatic analyzers (ESA) using channeltron electron multipliers. The ESA's pointed toward the zenith in order to measure precipitating electrons. The large ESA had a field of view (FOV) of 1.6 by 8.0 deg with a delta E/E of 0.04, while the small one had a FOV of 3.7 by 4.8 deg with a delta E/E of 0.072. The large ESA covered the range from 1 to 20 keV and the other one from 50 to 1000 eV. A complete eight-point spectrum from each unit was obtained in 1 s.

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Instrument Owner: Department of Defense-Department of the Air Force (United States)