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Instrument: TANSO-FTS : Thermal And Near Infrared Sensor For Carbon Observation
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GOSAT data processing system uses TANSO-FTS Level 0 data and then applies geometric and radiometric correction.

In TANSO-FTS nominal observation mode (Observation Mode I), equivalent distanced mesh points are observed systematically. TANSO-FTS scans Earth surface for cross track direction and observe 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 locations per one cross-track scan. For 1 or 3 points scan mode, the same position is observed three times.

For different TANSO-FTS scan pattern, exposure duration and turn-around time differ, and so product volume also differs. For Observation Mode II, AT/CT pointing direction will be fixed.
5 observation modes are available: day observation mode 1, night observation mode 1, day observation mode 2, target mode (day), target mode (night).

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