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Instrument: BUV : Backscatter Ultraviolet
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The backscatter ultraviolet instrument (BUV) monitored the
spatial distribution of atmospheric ozone by measuring the
intensity of the UV radiation backscattered from the earth's
atmosphere. To obtain this ozone distribution, the BUV subsystem
measured direct solar radiation and backscattered UV radiation
from the daytime sun-illuminated atmosphere.

The Instrument consisted of a spectrometer (monochromatic) and a
photometer. The monochromatic measured the intensity of UV
radiation backscatter and reflected radiation from the earth's
atmosphere in 12 wavelengths (2555 to 3398 A) in which ozone
attenuation occurs. The photometer measured the reflected UV
radiation in a single wavelength span in which attenuation by
ozone does not occur. The BUV had four operating modes.

[Summary provided by NASA]