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Instrument: ICI : Ion Composition Instrument
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The Ion Composition Instrument (ICI) on EQUATOR-S measures the 3D distribution
functions of the major ion species, H+, He+, He++, and O+. It consists of a
retarding-potential analyzer (RPA), followed by a toroidal energy-per-charge
(E/q) analyzer with disc-shaped field of view, followed by a 20 kV
post-acceleration into a time-of-flight (ToF) analysis section. Without RPA
operation, the E/q range is 15 V to 40 kV, otherwise it starts at essentially
zero volts. To accommodate the large dynamic range in ion fluxes, the
instrument has split the 360¡ FoV into two 180¡ sections whose sensitivities
differ by a factor 100. Moments of the distributions of all 4 ion species are
computed on board and are available every 4 spins, i.e., every 6 s. The
instrument is identical to the CODIF portion of the CIS instrument on CLUSTER.