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Instrument: 3DA : 3D Plasma Analyzer
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The 3D-Plasma Analyzer (3DA) instrument on EQUATOR-S consists of an electron
electrostatic analyzer (EESA) and an ion electrostatic analyzer (PESA). The
analyzer is a symmetrical spherical-section electrostatic analyzer (top-hat
design) with a disc-shaped field of view (FOV) of 180ยก directed perpendicular
to the spacecraft body. The complete solid-angle sphere is thus covered in one
spin period of 1.5 s. The analyzers measure electron and ion distribution
functions in 192 angle and 56 energy channels, in the energy-per-charge range
10 eV - 25 keV. Moments of the distributions are computed on board. The 3DA
instrument (together with the EPI instrument) is a derivative of the 3D Plasma
and Energetic Particle Instrument on the WIND spacecraft.