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Instrument: SNOW FORKS
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[Adapted from Snow Fork: A portable instrument for measuring the properties of

Snow forks are explicitly designed for field use. They are designed to operate
in extreme conditions, ranging from rainy weather to as low as 40 C below
zero. The sensor is a steel fork used as a microwave resonator. Snow forks
measure electrical parameters: resonant frequency, attenuation and 3-dB
bandwidth. The measuring results are used to calculate accurately the complex
dielectric constant of snow. Further, the liquid water content and density of
snow are calculated using semi-empirical equations. All data will be shown
immediately on the display and can be stored in a solid-state memory.

Measurements made by a snow fork are reliable because:

* there is no sampling

* the fork does not compress the snow pack

* the measurement is easily repeatable

* the instrument can be checked by calibration measurement in the air.