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Instrument: SEPS : Source Loss-Cone Energetic Particle Spectrometer
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The Source/Loss-Cone Energetic Particle Spectrometer (SEPS) instrument is
located on the POLAR satellite despun platform along with the auroral imagers,
and is independent of the other CEPPAD sensors. SEPS consists of two
independent telescopes which measure both the energetic electron, and ion
fluxes in the vicinity of the magnetic field-aligned loss, and source cone
regions with high sensitivity, and with fine angular and time resolution.

SEPS consists of two independent telescopes, one for electrons, and one for
ions. The electron telescope has twice the sensor area of the ion telescope,
and uses aperture wheels to vary its dynamic range. Particle angular imaging is
obtained using pinhole-camera apertures in front of the electron XY position
sensitive detectors. The ion telescope is similar to the electron telescope
except for the reduced sensor area, and the fact that the aperture wheels are
replaced by magnets which sweep out electron.
See: for more information.

The SEPS is part of the Comprehensive Energetic Particle Pitch Angle
Distribution (CEPPADS) package, but the SEPS sensor is independent of the body
mounted sensor and contains a separate digital processing unit.

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Instrument Logistics
Instrument Start Date: 1996-02-24
Instrument Owner: Taylor University