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Instrument: CAMMICE : Charge And Mass Ion Composition Experiment
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The objective of the Charge and Mass Magnetospheric Ion Composition Experiment
(CAMMICE) is the unambiguous determination of the composition of the energetic
particle populations of the Earth's magnetosphere over the range of 6 keV/Q to
60 MeV per ion in order to identify mechanisms by which these charged particles
are energized and transported from their parent source populations to the

The CAMMICE consists of two types of sensor systems: the Magnetospheric Ion
Composition Sensor (MICS), and the Heavy Ion Telescope (HIT). Each sensor
performs a multiple-parameter measurement of the composition of
magnetospherically trapped and transient ion populations over a combined energy
range from 6 keV/Q to 60 MeV per ion (a range of over 4 orders of magnitude)
and for elements from hydrogen through iron.

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Instrument Logistics
Instrument Start Date: 1996-02-24
Instrument Owner: Los Alamos National Laboratory