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Instrument: SEC : Solar Corona Experiment (Ulysses)
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The main science objective of the Ulysses Solar Corona Experiment on Ulysses is
to derive the plasma parameters of the solar atmosphere using established
coronal-sounding techniques. Applying appropriate model assumptions, the 3-D
electron density distribution will be determined from dual-frequency ranging
and Doppler measurements recorded at the NASA Deep Space Network during the
solar conjunctions. Multi-station observations will be used to derive the
plasma bulk velocity at solar distances where the solar wind is expected to
undergo its greatest acceleration. As a secondary objective profiting from the
favorable geometry during Jupiter encounter, radio-sounding measurements will
yield a unique cross-scan of the electron density in the Io Plasma Torus.

(Abstract from: M.K. Bird et al., Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 92, 425-430,