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Instrument: STICS : SupraThermal Ion Composition Spectrometer
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The SupraThermal Ion Composition Spectrometer (STICS), part of the SMS Package
on WIND is designed to measure the mass and mass/charge of suprathermal ions.
It is similar to SWICS in that it employs electrostatic deflection,
time-of-flight and residual energy measurements. The electrostatic deflection
system covers a range of 6 to 223 keV/e in 30 logarithmic steps (1 step per
rotation of the spacecraft). An ion experiences no post acceleration prior to
entering the time-of-flight chamber. The ion?s time- of-flight (TOF) is
calculated from start and stop pulses created by the collection of scattered
electrons by microchannel plates at the beginning and end of the ion?s flight
path. These scattered electrons are generated when the ion passes through a
thin carbon foil at the entrance of the chamber and when it impinges on the
solid state detector at the end. The solid state detector also measures the
residual energy (Emeas) of the ion.

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