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Instrument: MBLA : Multi-Beam Laser Altimeter
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The Multi-Beam Laser Altimeter (MBLA) for the Vegetation Canopy Lidar
(VCL) mission, is a five-beam instrument with 25 m contiguous along
track resolution. The five beams are in a circular configuration 8 km
across and each beam traces a separate ground track spaced 2 km apart,
eventually producing 2 km coverage between 67 degrees N and S, with
orbit crossovers producing a denser grid away from the equator.

Each laser beam operates at the 1064 nm fundamental wavelength of the
neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) solid-state laser and
are arranged in a pentagon inside a 20 mrad telescope circular
field-of-view that is centered on nadir.

Information on the MBLA instrument can be obtained from:

For more information on the VCL Mission,