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Instrument: EDOP : ER2-Doppler Radar
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The ER-2 Doppler radar (EDOP) is an X-band (9.6 GHz) Doppler radar
mounted in the nose of ER-2. The instrument has two fixed antennas,
one pointing at nadir and the second pointing approximately 33 degree
ahead of nadir. The beam width of the antenna is 3 degree in the
vertical and horizontal directions which, for a 20 km altitude, yields
a nadir footprint a the surface of 1 km. The ER-2 ground speed is
nominally 210 m/s and the integration period used by the data system
is 0.5 second. The transmit pulse is 0.5 second and the gate spacing
is over sampled at 37.5 meter interval. Minimum detectable
reflectivity is about -10 dBZ at an altitude of 15 km and for a 0.375
meters range gate spacing.

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