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Instrument: N-MASS : Nucleation-Mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer
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N-MASS (Nucleation-Mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer) measures the
concentration of particles as a function of diameter from
approximately 4 to 60 nm. A sample flow is continuously
extracted from the free stream using a decelerating inlet and is
transported to the N-MASS. Within the instrument, the sample
flow is carried to 5 parallel condensation nucleus counters
(CNCs). Each CNC is tuned to measure the cumulative
concentration of particles larger than certain diameter. The
minimum detectable diameters for the 5 CNCs are 4.0, 7.5, 15, 30
and 55 nm, respectively. An inversion algorithm is applied to
recover a continuous size distribution in the 4 to 60 nm
diameter range.

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