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Instrument: RAMS : Radiation Measurement System
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A single Radiation Measurement System (RAMS) consists of a
variety of broadband and spectral radiometers developed and
maintained by the Atmospheric Research Laboratory at the Scripps
Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San
Diego. A RAMS is mounted on both the zenith and nadir positions
on each aircraft for the purpose of measuring both downwelling
and upwelling fluxes. All of the instruments composing a RAMS
have hemispheric fields-of-view and are located in positions on
each aircraft which minimize obstructions from their view (i.e.,
tail fins, radio antennas, landing gear, etc.). Because both
downwelling and upwelling fluxes are measured on a single plane,
the net flux at a given altitude is easily inferred by a pair of
RAMS. The RAMS Instrument package has been part of the ARM-UAV
program and has flown on and been located at surface stations
during the ARESE, S96, F96 and F97 flight series.

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