Acid Model Operational Diagnostic Evaluation Study

Project Description
The Acid Model Operational Diagnostic Evaluation Study (Acid MODES),
was funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (59 Eulerian Model
Evaluation Field Study (EMEFS) sites including variability (VAR) and
gradient (GRAD) special study sub-networks). The Acid MODES
variability sub-network was a four-site cluster of sites used to
evaluate spatial concentration variability on the 80 - 100 km grid
scale of the models being evaluated. The gradient sub-network
similarly provided a higher spatial network resolution in an area
where sharp spatial concentration gradients were observed in previous
studies. The study operated from 6/1/1988 to 5/30/1990 over the
Eastern USA.
See: for more information
on the Acid MODES.
See for more information on EMEFS.