Atlantic Remote Sensing Land/Ocean Experiment

Project Description
ARSLOE was sponsored jointly by the Coastal Engineering Research
Center (CERC) of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the National
Ocean Survey (now Service) of NOAA; it was conducted from 6 October
to 30 November 1980 in the area off Duck, NC, near the CERC Field
Research Facility. The data were collected using modern electronic
sensors such as EM current meters, waveriders, wave staffs and
pressure gauges. Instrument type and characteristics, position,
mean sea level, initial time, time span of the data sample and
sampling period are reported for each series of measurements.
Depending on the type of instrument used and data collected, data
are reported in eight alternate data records. These contain: 1) EM
current meter data (east and north components); 2) Baylor gauge
data (water level); 3) pressure gauge data (water pressure); 4)
waverider data (wave displacement); 5) wave direction buoy (wave
displacement, east and north wave slope components); 6) wave
spectra (co- and quadspectra); 7) wave data (angular Fourier
coefficients); and 8) three-axis current meter data (east and north