Cloud Lidar And Radar Exploratory Study

Project Description
Dr.Eberhard and his associates are studying the information on clouds
uniquely available from CO2 lidar, which operates in the 9-11
micrometer wavelength range. Techniques are being developed to
measure mean (or effective) radius of cloud drop size distributions,
and discriminate between water and ice clouds using
wavelength-dependent backscatter and extinction. Cloud dynamics using
Doppler measurements of particle motions are also being investigated.
The coupling of data from this lidar with other sensors,
(e.g. mm-wavelength radar), provides other important parameters such
as vertical profiles of number concentration, effective radius, and
ice water content of cirrus clouds. The phenomenon of zenith-enhanced
lidar backscatter from oriented crystals has also been systematically
examined. The LIDAR method is used to extract optical depth and
emissivity of clouds.