Corridor Aerogeophysics of the SouthEastern Ross Transect Zone

Project Description
The CASERTZ geophysical surveys were aimed at understanding geological
controls on ice streams of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, ultimately to
help assess the potential for ice sheet collapse. Blankenship et
al. (2001) used ice surface elevations and ice thicknesses (reported
here) to calculate driving stresses across the ice sheet and thus to
identify regions of rapid basal movement by ice streams.

Reference: Blankenship, D.D., D.L. Morse, C.A. Finn, R.E. Bell,
M.E. Peters, S.D. Kempf, S.M. Hodge, M. Studinger, J.C. Behrendt, and
J.M. Brozena. 2001. Geologic controls on the initiation of rapid basal
motion for West Antarctic ice streams: A geophysical perspective
including new airborne radar sounding and laser altimetry results. The
West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment. Antarctic Research
Series 77: 105-121.