Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment

Project Description
C4 seeks to develop a theoretical, observational, and modeling base
for understanding and predicting cloud-chemistry-climate
interactions. To this end, C4 took the lead in designing,
implementing, and analyzing the results of a major field observing
program known as CEPEX the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment,
conducted in March of 1993. The project yielded important new
information about the absorption of solar radiation by clouds and the
relative roles of cirrus cloud radiative effects and surface
evaporation in limiting maximum sea surface temperatures in the
equatorial Pacific. This large, interdisciplinary experiment,
involving 15 institutions from the US and Germany, has created a
much-needed observational basis for unraveling phenomena which were
previously understood only theoretically. C4's infrastructure and
frame work for cooperative research were instrumental in making CEPEX
a success.

For more information, link to http://www-c4.ucsd.edu/~cids/cepex/