Oceanic Circulation in the Western Region of the South Atlantic

Project Description
The global objective of project COROAS, which is intended to be a
contribution from the Brazilian oceanographic community to the WOCE
programme, is the determination of seasonal mean fields of velocity,
heat and mass transports by the Brazil Current and the AAIW flowing
into the coastal region of southeastern Brazil. The specific
objectives are the following:

1. To estimate the baroclinic and barotropic components of the
circulation along the Brazilian coast, including the continental shelf
and the shelf break regions, between Ubatuba (SP) and Canan?ia (SP);

2.To continously monitor the velocity field and the heat and mass
transports of the Brazil Current (BC) and the Antartic Intermediate
Water (AAIW), along the southeastern brazilian coast;

3 To determine the importance of meso-scale vortices in the heat and
mass transports in the Brazil Current;

4.To determine the response of the continental shelf water to the
forcing represented by intrusions of the BC and AAIW, including the
study of the influence of the Brazil Current eddies in the renovation
of the continental shelf water.

5. To study the deep circulation in the Brazil Basin, including its
interaction with the Argentine Basin.

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