Columbia Basin Research

Project Description
Columbia Basin Research (CBR) is a joint effort of scientific
research projects through the School of Aquatic and Fishery
Sciences at the University of Washington under the leadership of
James Anderson and John Skalski.

We investigate issues surrounding salmon biology in the Columbia
and Snake River basins. Our research has produced computer
models which simulate and predict salmon migration and survival
in the Columbia Basin and salmon harvest in the North
Pacific. We also function as a secondary database site,
providing data and tools to analyze salmon issues in Columbia
Basin. As a secondary database site, we add value to the data
through statistical analysis and modeling activities.

The Columbia Basin Research group occupies an office in downtown
Seattle (see directions for exact location). Currently, the CBR
group has 15+ staff members including two faculty members,
research consultants, computer programmers, database manager,
graduate students, system administrator, program administrators,
and various other staff. CBR has multiple computing
capabilities, including Win32 and Unix, and multiple database
capabilities, including Ingres and Oracle.

Contact Information:

Columbia Basin Research
Puget Sound Plaza
1325 4th Avenue, Ste 1820
Seattle, WA 98101-2509

Jim Anderson
Phone: 206-543-4772
Fax: 206-616-7452

CBR Homepage:

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