San Francisco Bay Area Demonstration GIS Project

Project Description
The goal of the San Francisco Bay Area Demonstration GIS Project
(BAGIS) is to develop a set of geographic information and
geoprocessing tools to allow on-line access to baseline map and
imagery data for the San Francisco Bay and near coastal
areas. This is a collaborative effort undertaken by the UC
Berkeley Research Program in Environmental Planning and
Geographic Information Systems (REGIS), the San Francisco Bay
Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), and the National
Ocean Service (NOS) within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA). The BAGIS project is one of the program
activities of the larger NOS/NOAA San Francisco Bay
Demonstration Project, which explores methods for integrated
support for maritime commerce and coastal resource management.

BAGIS Web Site

1. Types of Information Resources
-Geospatial point, vector, and raster data
-Image data
-Real-Time data
-Text Report

2. Types of Accesses to these Resources
-Locational - directed: search tools via metadata
-Locational - undirected: browse metadata, descriptive text and
-Identification - overview: descriptive text, thumbnail images
-Identification - detailed: metadata
-Visualization: graphic images, GIS display
-Interaction: GIS display and query functions
-Integration: GIS overlay functions
-Acquisiton: download capabilities for some data layers

3. Types of Users
-Novice users - Overview information, browse tools
-Moderate - metadata, search tools
-Advanced - GIS capabilities, download ability

4. Purposes for Use
-Users with an interest in SF BAY Area.
-Users interested in geographic features or subjects covered by data.
-Users interested in the online presentation of geographic
-Others: more user feedback is needed to determine


1. San Francisco Bay Bathymetric Point and contour Line Data
-One gzipped, tar file that contains 13 ordered DOGS text files and
FGDC metadata
-FTP Link for obtaining DOGS software
-FTP Link to DOGS User Manual
-Bathymetric Contour file and metadata - ArcInfo Export file
-Bathymetric Contour file and metadata - ArcView Shape file

2. NOAA Nautical Charts for the San Francisco Bay: These scanned
Nautical Charts are copyrighted and are therefore not
available for download. Please see the metadata for
information on obtaining these charts in digital form. You
can view these nautical charts online via the BAGIS Web GIS

3. NOS Topographic Survey Sheets (T-Sheets) for the San
Francisco Bay Area Forty
-two high-resolution NOS T-Sheets in
pcx format are available for download along with their FGDC
-Large-scale T-Sheets, 1851-1900
-Small-scale T-Sheets, 1981-1982

4. San Francisco Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data
Eight ESI Coverages with Metadata, available as ArcInfo
Export (e00) files, geographic coordinate system:

Four ESI Lookup Tables, available as ArcInfo Export (e00)
files, geographic coordinate system:


5. NOAA San Francisco 1:80K MLLW Medium Resolution Shoreline file

-In ArcInfo Export format with metadata
-In ArcView Shapefile format with metadata
-In GRASS vector format with metadata (UTM Nad 27)

6. San Francisco Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (SFPORTS) data

-Sensor locations available as GRASS Sites files with Metadata
-For Sensor Observations see the SFPORTS Information Hub

7. The U.S. Coast Pilot 7 Pacific Coast: California, Oregon,
Washington and Hawaii, 30th edition

The Coast Pilot is not available for download. However, the
entire 511 page volume is available online at ""

BAGIS Homepage:

[Summary provided by REGIS]